JANUARY 26, 1977 - NOVEMBER 3, 2010

Aaron Kittel

Aaron in his own words several years before his passing, “Hello. My name is Aaron. I’m in my late 20s and live in Loveland, Colorado. I found out I had FA for sure when I was 19 and away at college. One year later my youngest sister, Allie age 5, was also tested and found to be positive for the FA gene. By my junior year in High School, I started using a wheelchair because my gait was clumsy; I fell a lot, and got really tired from walking all day. Two years later, I attended Colorado University in Boulder, Colorado. There I began using a wheelchair and a scooter full time.

Fulfilling Life Despite FA: After college, I worked in a rewarding career as a computer technician and tester. In 2003, I was able to go on a trip to Europe with my sister Jenny and my Dad. This was beyond awesome! The next year I trained for and brought home my service dog and companion, Ori. She has been an enormous blessing to me physically and emotionally, and I would highly recommend this to anyone with FA. Shortly after Ori came home, I began my love affair with white water rafting and camping. I have been on about eight rafting trips including twice down the Grand Canyon with a group called SPLORE. Today, I live in a beautiful home that was custom remodeled for me by community volunteers to be wheelchair accessible. My life has been good.

Finding a Cure: Although, I really want a treatment and cure to be found, I feel I have been able to do the things I want to do and haven’t felt limited by having FA. There is no telling what my life would be like if I didn’t have FA. I know we will find a cure one day with everyone’s help. Maybe not in time for me, but for my little sister. Please help us find a cure for Allie!