UnionJackThe recent fundraiser at Union Jack’s British Pub was a great night! Of course, because of FA I could barely hear anything due to all the people there, but hey! that’s why we had this fundraiser… to cure FA and correct this hearing problem! Randy Sisulak is the organizer of all this and has been holding various fundraising events for FARA for the last several years. He is friends with Karen and Pat Keirnan, and their daughter Erin who has FA.  Aside from the Claxton Classic Golf Tournament, (which I also attended in July, and had a blast!), he has hosted events at various local restaurants to serve as meeting spots to gather FA friends and families, as well as his own circle of supporters who are devoted to funding research for FA. These events serve as a great way for local FA families to meet one another and reconnect. So huge props to Randy for a great fun night! 

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