JANUARY 31, 1993 - JULY 14, 2021

Zachary “Zip” Morris

What can I say about my son Zach. A lot! Friedrich’s Ataxia entered his life at age 11. We didn’t know what to expect except his stumbling around. He lost the ability to walk at age 16 and had to use a wheelchair.

Zach was a fighter and wasn’t going to let FA take him down. He did his upper body exercises so he could keep that strong. He did his speech therapy exercises daily to keep him speaking well, eating and drinking.

He was a free-spirit, loved to laugh, was sarcastically funny and his smile was contagious.

He participated in trials and we would fly back and forth to NIH.

His wish was to visit Hawaii and that wish came true.

Zach lived on his terms. I respected that and backed his decisions. He was intelligent s straight A student all through 12 years of schooling. Unfortunately, FA prevented him from being a brain surgeon. But it’s ok. As long as he was happy.

He had a mad love for the Chicago Bulls or for that fact, the love of NBA.

Zach became tired and exhausted. His heart kept declining and became congestive heart failure and chronic pnemonia. His heart got tired and stopped. I thank the doctors for all they have done for him. They took very good care of him.

He his set free amd I pray he’s no longer suffering, running and walking in Heaven.

As you can tell by his picture he was not only handsome but his smile was very contagious.

– Ann Kemnitz (Zach’s Mother)