hangouts9 2The FARA Ambassador Program presents an FA Hangout discussing pets and service animals and what they mean to us.

At FA hangouts: we laugh, we connect, we hangout, we learn from and about each is so fun! It is just an informal discussion with a theme.

This month’s hangout is open to anyone with FA and a translator if needed. We will talk about our pets and our service animals, the ones we have and the ones we want to get. They make us laugh, they make us cry, they support us, they are a lot of work… There’s definitely a lot to discuss. Bring your pet if you want (just don’t forget to mute yourself if he or she starts barking or the like) or just bring a picture. Of course we want to hear all the stories! 


Hangouts will be held Wednesday September 23 and Thursday September 24 (mark your calendars, FA Hangouts will be the last Wednesday and Thursday of the month, except on holidays and the like) at 7 & 9 PM EST both days. More times will be added if needed. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to sign up or ask questions. Please indicate if there are any times that do not work for you and which times you’d prefer. We will try to accommodate everyone.

An email will go out 30 minutes prior to your assigned time with a link to join the Hangout. Feel free to come early for a pre-hang. We will open the hangout room a half hour early, but the topic conversations will begin at the top of the hour.

See you soon!