The hours are passing like minutes. We must be having a lot of fun! I really n eed to get to bed in preparation for the big climb to Tehachapi tomorrow so I am going to make this short...bummer, I could spend a few hours here telling you about all the stuff that's going on. Also, my computer died tonight so tyhe posts might be few and far between from here on out (I am using a computer in the lobby of our hotel).

Day 6
Hanford to Wasco
57 miles

The rad stuff about this day happened off the bike. A local guy John (sorry John, I don't know your last name) provided our dinner at a local park. He and his people barbqed some killer carne asada and we had fresh tortillas. It was really nice to be taken care of by some great people, thanks guys.

Day 7
Wasco to (a little past) Bakersfield
45 miles

We added a few miles to this day so we could subtract from our climb day tomorrow. We also added a few teammates: Beth, Eric and Edie.

Today, once again we were taken care of by a local group. This group is driven to help out by a great young man named Jarod. Jarod was diagnosed with FA a few years ago and is surrounded by a great group of people who are driven to find a cure. They have an event of their own (5k & 10k walk/run) coming up on April 6 and they invite all to join the fun. For more info contact me.

Sean, Jarod, Me

Bonus Picture: