Before our journey begins I need to recognize my largest source of support. As well as being the single largest donor to Ride Ataxia, Brown and Caldwell has shown me support on a daily basis. We have received generous donations from Hawaii, Walnut Creek, Phoenix, Seattle and San Diego. Four of the Sacramento employees are team members. All of the employees in our Sacramento office now have shirts that say "Brown and Caldwell Supports Ride Ataxia" and we all wear them on fridays ("Casual Fridays"...that's so Office Space). We had a poker tournament that was a lot of fun and produced a modest truckload of cash. Brown and Caldwell has also supplied our team with some much needed food for the ride. Thanks friends, it is incredible to have such great everyday support. Special thanks to Dave Zuber, Janine Miller, Daniel Tams and Matt Pegler for making all of this happen.