From the previous post you know that The Ataxian documentary is in the running for a $50k grant from the Pepsi Refresh Project (

The film needs this money because the footage will need sound and color work which will need to be contracted out. The cost will be roughly $50k. The voting will be open for a few more weeks and the top 10 ideas with the most votes will be awarded $50k.

Voting has been open since June 1 and your efforts to date have earned us a ranking of 21 out of hundreds of ideas.  This is pretty awesome, thank you.

As a reminder there are three ways to vote and you can do one or all three.

  1. Send a text daily to the number "73774" and write "106922" in the body of the message.
  2. Cast a vote daily either through your Facebook login or directly through Pepsi
  3. Buy Pepsi products that have the Pepsi Refesh Power Vote, Enter the code at to cast your Power vote.

I want to address #3 on this list because I think it is the key to success. With power votes, you enter the little code on the inside of the yellow cap and you can get 5, 10, 15, 25, 50 or 100 votes per code. But here's the kicker: you can power vote up to 10 times per day. So yesterday I did a little experiment. I went to the store and bought 10 Pepsi's (2 20 oz. and 8 2 liters) and I power voted 10 times. In the end I got a total of 165 votes. We are currently 21st and we need to get into the top 10. I am confident that power votes are needed to get there. I am not suggesting that we do not need the single votes because we need it all and I am not suggesting that you go out and buy 10 Pepsi's each every day, I just wanted to bring attention to power votes and how they might benefit our effort. Even with one power vote per day you will at the very least have 5 votes per day instead of one.

For those who do not have any idea what a power vote is here is a little tutorial with help from

Look for power vote codes on specially-marked Pepsi products. Look for bottles with yellow caps or any Pepsi product that says "Power Votes" on it (limited to Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, and Pepsi Max). The Code will be under the bottle cap or printed on the inside of your multi-pack. For example:

Click Image For Larger View

After you have located your Power Vote Code visit

Above the big button that says VOTE FOR THIS IDEA is a link with the text "Power Vote For This Idea", click that link:

You will be taken to a page that looks like the one below.  Click on the Button That says "Sign In."


You will be given the choice to sign in with Facebook or through Pepsi.  However you must login with Pepsi to enable power voting.  So if you have a Pepsi login choose "Sign in with Pepsi."  If you don't already have a Pepsi login choose "Sign up", you only have to give them your first name, last name, email and birth date to create an account.

Sign up screen:

The "Prove you're not a robot" code is a little tricky sometimes but keep trying, you'll get it.



After you are logged in you will find a screen that will allow you to enter your power vote code:


Enter your code and click "Activate." Pepsi will work it's magic as it determines the value of your code.  This one was worth 15 votes:


Now click link that says "return to your last idea."  It may take you to The Ataxian idea page (this is where you want to be) or it may take you to "" if it does this just replace the word "index" with "theataxian" so you end up at "" which should look like this:

Click on the big yellow button that says "Power Vote" aaand your power votes will be applied to The Ataxian!  You just multiplied your vote by at least 5!

If you have more than one code you are not done!  Simply click on the link to the lower right that says "Activate Power Voting" which will bring you back to the screen where you can enter another code!

The Pepsi site is a little finicky sometimes and it may log you out from time to time as you are going through the power voting process but just log back and keep plugging away.  The time you spend on this is appreciated by thousands of people all around the world.  Thank you for your time and effort.

Use up to 10 codes a day to help us get closer to the completion of this film and closer to a cure for FA!