2016 rideATAXIA blog One of the first things someone with Friedreich’s ataxia notices when they start to show symptoms is trouble walking, or difficulty with coordination and balance.

Heather Bonacorda, mother to Blake, 21, and Sophia, 20, noticed this with both her children. Blake, who used to be a competitive gymnast, suddenly “couldn’t walk across the room without holding onto the furniture,” Heather said.
Blake was diagnosed in November 2016. That December, Sophia also was diagnosed, but she said first noticed symptoms at age 12.
Bonacorda, her husband and Sophia will participate for the first time in the Ride to Cure FA, or RideATAXIA, on Sunday. They will be in a team of 12 and tackling the 12-mile bike route.
At first, their goal for fundraising was $1,000, but they have raised nearly $26,000 for the Friedreich’s Ataxia Research Alliance and expect to raise more money by the day of the event.
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