Omavaloxolone, an NRF2 activator, recently became the first drug approved specifically for the treatment of Friedreich ataxia (FRDA). This landmark achievement provides a background for a review of the detailed data leading to the approval. The authors review the data from the 4 major articles on FRDA in the context of the authors' considerable (>1000 patients) experience in treating individuals with FRDA. The data is presented in the context not only of its scientific meaning but also in the practical context of therapy in FRDA. Omaveloxolone provides a significant advance in the treatment of FRDA that is likely to be beneficial in a majority of the FRDA population. The data suggesting a benefit is consistent, and adverse issues are relatively modest. The major remaining questions are the subgroups that are most responsive and how long the beneficial effects will remain significant in FRDA patients.

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