My name is Abby. I am 19 years old (almost 20!) and will be a junior at York College of Pennsylvania this fall where my major is Political Science and minor is Geography. I have a work study job, am involved in Colleges Against Cancer (which plans Relay for Life), and was recently elected to Student Senate for next school year.
In my free time, I enjoy cycling on my Catrike (which I received through the AAI), reading, and spending time with my family and friends. Typical stuff!
The only thing that sets me apart from most people is that I get around by way of a mobility scooter.
I started using my scooter in August of 2014, right before the start of my sophomore year. It was extremely terrifying and nerve-wracking. I was not ready to accept that Friedreich's Ataxia is real and is affecting me. I was diagnosed when I was sixteen, despite living with the symptoms since I was nine. Though my nervousness nearly got the best of me, using a scooter has dramatically helped me. I have found confidence after living with denial and confusion when I was initially diagnosed.
However, I refuse to be defined by my scooter. It is a part of me, but I am more. I want to have a career as an advocate for people with disabilities because I have been given Friedreich's Ataxia and I want to use that to help people.